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  1. Ophthalmic Technician

    work behind a desk Ophthalmic Scribe / Technician Benefits Include Medical, Dental Insurance
  2. Ophthalmic Technician

    * Minimum of 7 years of experience as an ophthalmic technician in a medical setting * Strong knowledge of ocular anatomy, ph...
  3. Ophthalmic Technician

    of the Ophthalmic Technician : * Bring theexam. * Go over medical history with patient. * Perform
  4. Ophthalmic Technician

    completing and safeguarding medical records * Maintainequivalent * 1 year experience as an ophthalmic technician, optometric ...
  5. Ophthalmic Technician

    excellent benefits. The ophthalmic technician is a fundamental part of the officeObtain and document comprehensive medical an...

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